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πŸ“• Sample Chapter: Logs & Insights with CloudWatch Book - Update #5

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Imagine diving into AWS without a solid foundation on observability. It will lead to inefficiencies, wasted resources and money, and countless hours of troubleshooting. πŸ›

​The CloudWatch Book is here to guide you, ensuring you understand not just the how, but most importantly the why behind using AWS effectively so you'll work with ease, turning even complex infrastructure into a well-oiled machine. πŸ€–

In this issue, we want to show you the first sample chapter about Logs and Insights where we peel back the layers of CloudWatch's most tangled features. πŸ› οΈ

You can download it with one click with the link below! πŸ‘‡

​​​The CloudWatch Book - Logs and Insights Sample.pdf​

Previous Updates

Our goal is to let you participate in the creation of the CloudWatch Book as best as possible. For that, we want to send 1-2 emails per month. If you've missed the last ones, you can find them here:

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As always: Thank you for your interest in the CloudWatch Book! πŸ™

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